Bonafide SS107 Kayak
Designed for maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance, and angler friendly features where you need them, the SS107 is a fully featured paddlecraft that you truly have to experience to appreciate.
Bonafide EX 123 Kayak
One of the most unique sit-inside kayaks on the market, the EX123 lives up to its title as the SUV of kayaks. Its unmatched features, performance, and storage capabilities are poised to redefine the expectations of paddlers and anglers alike.
Bonafide SS127 Kayak
Designed for maximum stability without sacrificing paddling performance and angler-friendly features where you need them, you really have to paddle this craft to fully appreciate it.
Bonafide RS117 Kayak
The RS117 offers a new standard for budget-conscious kayak anglers, providing them an affordable opportunity to RISE up into a premium, authentically-designed fishing kayak that’s made in the USA! 
the Bonafide PWR 129 - an innovative fishing kayak optimized for power through an intelligent design focused on motorization and electronics integration. This stable, efficient kayak gives anglers the freedom to go further and stay out longer on the wate
RVR Under Seat Tackle Box Storage
This system effortlessly accommodates up to four Plano 3600 tackle boxes, providing ample space for all your essential fishing equipment. Now you can focus on what truly matters – catching fish! 
Sideline Fishing Bag - Backpack w/ 3 x 3600 Boxes
Perfect for walking and fishing a bank, getting your fishing gear to your boat or onto your fishing kayak, the Sideline Backpack is loaded with features.
Bonafide Flex Wings SS
With being the only kayak brand on the market with dual skid plates it presented itself with a unique opportunity to do something different than a skeg or rudder and the FlexWings were the result of months of research and development to further enhance th
Bonafide P127 Pedal Kayak
The Propel Pedal Drive allows the P127 to be the ultimate kayak fishing triple threat with the options to Pedal, Power or Paddle.
Ketch Keeper
Fits all Ketch Boards
Standard Kit comes with 10-32 3/8” bolts 10-32 t-nuts for t-track X2 each per package.
Krate Kit comes with 10-32 x 1” Nylon lock nuts Washers X4 of each per package.
Stainless Steel Hardware
Bonafide Ketch Karbonate Board
Measure your catch with the Bonafide Kobonate Board.
Bonafide Branded
KBF Approved
High color yellow that’s easy to read and extremely durable.
Built in Cradle
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