Cup Holder Button w/ 3" Stick-On Accessory Mount
Now you can attach a Scotty Cup Holder to a SUP or Kayak’s flat surface with a non-permanent mounting solution.
Scotty Glue-On Pad for Inflatables Boats
Includes stainless steel fasteners
Many different glue products will work for adhering the No. 341 mount to your water craft.
Outcast Buddy Strap
Flaired top to fit the sonar tapper, adjustable strap & no-slip grip on inside of the strap.
Float Tube Fishfinder Transducer Mount
Fits or can be adapted to most fish finder brands including Lowrance, Eagle, Humminbird and Garmin
Includes all necessary hardware, a transducer bracket and 6′ strap
Transducer Mount w/ Deck Mount - 140
Kayak/SUP Transducer Mounting Arm made of high strength composite material that will give you years of service without any corrosion
Floating Fish Net
Deploy the net by simply tossing it out over the water next to you boat and Voila!... it opens and lands floating with a 24" deep holding well to keep your catch. Now the angler has both hands free to fish.
Use the multi-leash for paddle or (fishing) pole- an adjustable hook and loop strap will secure either quickly and easily.
Compact Threaded Mount
Allows mounting on a flat deck surface
Fits gunwales up to 2" thick
Secures with no exposed hardware using a provided nylon nut
Ketch Keeper
Fits all Ketch Boards
Standard Kit comes with 10-32 3/8” bolts 10-32 t-nuts for t-track X2 each per package.
Krate Kit comes with 10-32 x 1” Nylon lock nuts Washers X4 of each per package.
Stainless Steel Hardware
Bonafide Ketch Karbonate Board
Measure your catch with the Bonafide Kobonate Board.
Bonafide Branded
KBF Approved
High color yellow that’s easy to read and extremely durable.
Built in Cradle
Sideline Fishing Bag - Sling w/ 2 x 3500 Boxes
With adjustable shoulder and waist straps, the Sling bag allows you to get the right for you.
Hook Rack 12 Graphite w/ Suction Cups

Each rack holds up to 25 baits, plus a place for your fillet knife. Easily stows away when not in use.
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