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Carlisle EXHD Oar Shaft
Whether you are a recreational fisherman, guide or a true whitewater enthusiast these Carlisle Extra HD (Heavy Duty) oars are our  #1 choice for strength, durability, longevity and performance when it comes to aluminum oars.
Carlisle Oar Blade Outfitter
Tempered aluminum spline runs the length of the blade for superior strength. Push button locks the 1 5/8" diameter shank of the blade in Carlisle 1 7/8" Sawyer oar shafts. The Carlisle 8" wide Outfitter Blade gives you more power for big water.
Cataract SGG Counter Balanced Shaft with Rope Wrap & Stop
You don't have to know rocket science to row a boat, but it helps to have gear made by a company who does. Cataract shafts are made with the same filament wound glass/carbon/epoxy composite technology used by the aerospace industry.
The traditional shaft has multi-ply laminated construction for strength with a waterproof polyurethane finish.
Seashoice - Aluminum Synthetic Oar
Impact resistant blade
Overall blade dimensions: 23-1/4" x 5-1/2"
Compact PWC Paddle
Easily adjusts in length from 20 to 45 inches
Aluminum shaft won’t rust
Durable, high-impact molded blade and handle
Bright orange color is great for signaling emergencies
Cataract Magnum II - 7" Oar Blade
The most popular Cataract oar blade, the 7" Magnum features a high-grade urethane body molded around a stiff composite core. And it floats!
Economy Oar
The tough 1-3/8" aluminum shaft breaks into two easily managable pieces and assembles quickly with a secure button lock.
The 5.5" x 26" UV-resistant plastic blade is reinforced with the aluminum shaft, which runs the full length of the blade.
Sawyer DyneLite Shoal Cut Oar Blade
This blade features a tear drop shape and allows you to dip less blade into the water and achieve the same affect as a whitewater blade.
Sawyer Wide DyneLite Oar Blade
The redesigned Douglas Fir wood core has a thicker taper from the shoulder of the blade to the tip of the blade for outstanding strength while keeping weight down.
Oar Quality Wood w/ Powergrip
Approximate blade dimensions: 5" x 21" (for 6 ft.).
Shaft dimensions: at grip: 1-3/8", at throat: 1-3/8".
Approximate weight: 40 oz. (for 6 ft).
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