Swim Accessories

Aqua X Training Glove
Aqua Sphere teamed up with Olympic medalist Amanda Beard and internationally recognized fitness expert Mark Grevelding to create a cutting edge, high intensity, pool-based cross-training program
TYR Hand Paddle Strap Replacement Kit (Mentor 2)
Train hard, train smart with TYR Hand Paddle Replacement Straps. Feature latex surgical tubing for hand paddle strap replacement.
Ergo Kick Board
Its perfect for all levels of fitness, conditioning and rehabilitation.

The Ergo Board has multiple hand positions for ultimate comfort.
Phelps Pull Buoy
Strengthen your arms and improve your strokes with the Phelps Classic Pull Buoy.
Phelps Strength Paddle
Bones structure mimics natural hand position
Vents and palm risers enhance feel for the water
Ergonomic wrist strapand finger loop: fully adjustable, durable and streamlined
POM - rigid thermoplastic
Phelps Technique Training Paddle
Design prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow
Structural design promotes proper vertical forearm technique
Vent holes provide a natural feel of the water
Bolt Fins
Adjustable open heel
Dual-composite blade designed to deliver power and speed
Vented blade providing an efficient kick
RS1 Sea Doo SeaScooter
SeaDoo has created the fastest sea scooter on the market. Explore more with less fatigue. Get more out of your air supply and record what you see. See Doo upgraded all RS models with the removable GoPro mount!
Follow Towelie
The Towlie is a must-have! The versatility of a poncho cuts back on the chance you’ll flash strangers in the car park while changing and doubles as a comfy warm throw after a long ride.
O'Brien Foam Lounge
Soft and comfortable for lounging on the water or poolside
Layered PE foam construction
Long, lounge style float with support on one end for resting your head
Fast drying
XL Water Saddle
For larger adults who love spending time at the pool, lake, river or even calm seas, the O’Brien XL Water Saddle is the perfect companion for maximizing your fun in the water.

Just straddle the durable, flexible foam float and enjoy your own personal f
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