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The Towlie is a must-have! The versatility of a poncho cuts back on the chance you’ll flash strangers in the car park while changing and doubles as a comfy warm throw after a long ride.
CGear Sand Lite Sand-Free Mat
Combining the comfort of a towel with the convenience of sand-free performance, the Sandlite Mat is perfect for riverside picnics or relaxing on a beach. Softer material rolls into an integrated carrying system for quick and easy transport.
Aquasphere Ear Plugs X4
• Moldable, soft ear plugs made of
• Hypoallergenic silicone
• Reusable plastic box
• Includes 4
Aquasphere Aqua Stop Orange Nose Clip
This Aquastop nose clip has been designed with an ergonomically shaped frame to ensure a snug fit on the nose.
Phelps Swim Cap Silicone Navy
This soft and comfortable silicone construction ensures the cap doesn't generate allergic reactions like other materials can.
Focus Swim Snorkel
Unique, low-profile hydrodynamic tube reduces drag.
Increases cardiovascular strength and lung capacity.
Silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue.
Phelps Race Swim Cap 2.0
Streamlined, competitive fit
FINA approved
Reusable hard case packaging
100% Silicone
Phelps XO-2 Swim Cap
PERFECT ANATOMIC SHAPE – Thicker and thinner panels have been strategically placed to avoid wrinkling and prevent the cap from riding up
Aqua Sphere Tri Cap Adult
A semi-formed shape provides excellent comfort for those long training sessions.
Wearing this Aquasphere swimming cap will protect your hair from exposure to chlorine and salt water.
Phelps Pull Buoy
Strengthen your arms and improve your strokes with the Phelps Classic Pull Buoy.
Phelps Strength Paddle
Bones structure mimics natural hand position
Vents and palm risers enhance feel for the water
Ergonomic wrist strapand finger loop: fully adjustable, durable and streamlined
POM - rigid thermoplastic
Phelps Technique Training Paddle
Design prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow
Structural design promotes proper vertical forearm technique
Vent holes provide a natural feel of the water
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