Highland Regulator Necklace Large
Allows regulator to hang close under the chin
Keep your second stage where you need it
Durable, “no memory” silicone
Molokini Regulator Bag
It features a roomy main compartment capable of accommodating a regulator setup, a 16″ laptop sleeve and a neoprene dive computer/console holder, as well as additional zippered accessory pockets for stashing valuables.
ATX 40 Octopus
This octopus is based upon the XTX40 second stage and includes left / right hand reversibility, cold water capability and the performance you would expect from an Apeks pneumatically balanced valve.
Regulator Necklace Standard
Attaches easily to any regulator second stage mouthpiece
Core Octopus Regulator
Thanks to its highly efficient heat exchanger, it is up to the rigors of cold water diving. With its yellow hose and front cover, it will be ready to provide life-sustaining air in an emergency situation.
Core LX Supreme - YOKE Regulator
Aqua Lung's mid-range Core Supreme regulator sets the bar high.
Air Source 3, QD, Complete, INFLATOR
The Airsource combines a high-performance second stage with a power inflator. By eliminating the need for a traditional octopus, the diver can streamline his entire system. In addition, unlike a traditional octopus that can drag in the sand or damage cora
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