NRS Super Pump Adapter Set
The NRS Super Pump Adapter Set comes with the Super Pump and Super 2 Pump.

It's also a great combination of pieces that combine to let you connect to several common boat valves.
Summit 2 Valve Adapter
Summit 2 Valve Adapter for Summit 2 Valves. This adapter has a blue ring to distinguish it from the Summit I Adapter
O'Brien Pump Lightning Valve Attachment
O'Brien's Lightning Valve is attached to the towable, so there are no parts to keep up with or lose. The wider opening inflates and deflates 57% faster than our previous valves.

Get the lightning valve attachment here for your pump.
Leafield / Military Valve Adapter
Holds your pump hose securely in Military/Leafield valves to free up both hands for smooth pumping.

The hole that runs through the adapter is 1/2" in diameter.
RED Titan 2 Pump Replacement Hose
Replacement hose for Red Paddle Co. Titan II Pump

Broke your hose? We've got you covered. 
For Inflatable Boats,Toys, Towables, Air Bed, Balls, and more
Inflates or Deflates Quickly
O'Brien Pump Attachment Kit
Various Sizes and Styles Meant to Fit O'Brien Pumps and Tubes

6 Piece Set
New Short Halkey-Roberts Fill Adapter
Fill Adapter for the New Short Halkey-Roberts Valve.
Old Short Halkey-Roberts Fill Adapter
Fill Adapter for the New Short Halkey-Roberts Valve.
NRS Blast Adapter
Replacement adapter for the NRS Blast Inflator. The adapter locks securely to the outlet port of the Blast Pump and fits in the opening of a wide variety of valve types.
Aquaglide Touring Deck Cover Single 1
Aquaglide Touring Deck Covers will let you paddle in all weather conditions. If you prefer a traditional closed-deck kayak and or keen to go out when conditions are not so favorable then these deck covers are exactly what you need.
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