O'Brien Pump Lightning Valve Attachment
O'Brien's Lightning Valve is attached to the towable, so there are no parts to keep up with or lose. The wider opening inflates and deflates 57% faster than our previous valves.

Get the lightning valve attachment here for your pump.
Leafield / Military Valve Adapter
Holds your pump hose securely in Military/Leafield valves to free up both hands for smooth pumping.

The hole that runs through the adapter is 1/2" in diameter.
Airhead SUP Pump 12V-15PSI
Hands-free pump, just set the pressure and press the on button pump stops automatically when reaches desired pressure.
O'Brien Pump Attachment Kit
Various Sizes and Styles Meant to Fit O'Brien Pumps and Tubes

6 Piece Set
Airhead Velocity SUP 20 PSI 12V Pump
Just set the pressure and sip your coffee while the pump does all the work. Just set the pressure and sip your coffee while the pump does all the work. 
K-Pump Pressure Gauge for Boston Valves
This easy-to-use mechanical air pressure gauge lets you accurately measure the psi in your inflatable to ensure best performance and help prevent a blowout.
K-Pump 200 - Standard
Efficiently operated by one person. No hoses to kink and pull out. Ergonomic design is comfortable to use, even with extended use. Nozzle end and included adapters fit most inflatable boat valves - Leafield, Halkey-Roberts, Summit, Boston, and AD-2.
NRS Super Pump Adapter Set
The NRS Super Pump Adapter Set comes with the Super Pump and Super 2 Pump.

It's also a great combination of pieces that combine to let you connect to several common boat valves.
Multi-Valve 660508
One of the Boston valves is sure to fit the thread pattern of your inflatable, no matter what brand.
The Boston valves have a square base, which is much easier to turn than a round base, especially with wet hands.
For Inflatable Boats, Toys,Towables, Air Bed, Balls, and more
- High Volume air flow
- Inflates or Deflates Quickly
- Comes with various valves and 2Inflator hose and 10 power cord
- Draws 6 Amps at 2.5 PSI
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