Slingshot Fins - Blue - Power Band
If you own a pair of Slingshot or Hotshot Fins a Broken or Lost Power Band means a day of sitting on the beach or boat while your friends enjoy the wonders of the undersea world.
Microfin HP Jr
The closed heel foot pocket is fitted to efficiently transfer power from foot to fin while the short blade is calibrated to allow for a consistent kick tempo while maintaining proper technique.
Deep See Aqua Glide Fin
Deep See's Fin Technology gives speed with less effort.
Zip VX Fins
Swimming with Open heel Zip VX Fins has many benefits including increased cardiovascular conditioning and ankle flexibility. 
Amika Fin
Soft And Comfortable Foot Pocket With Bungee Straps
Water Flow Channels To Reduce Fatigue
Dual-Composite Blade Is Designed To Deliver Power And Speed While Conserving Energy
Viper 2 Open Heel Fin
The Viper 2 Fin includes a precision blend of hydrodynamics for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance.
Stratos Full Foot Fin
Stratos 3 doesn't compromise on price or comfort: it's lightweight and affordable. The four-channel structure forces water to flow along the blade for heightened swim performance. Made in Italy
Predator Free Dive Fin
Stylishly designed and expertly crafted, the set—including mask, fins and snorkel—come in a contemporary blue camo print.  
Omer Stingray Evo Fin
22-degree downturned blade. The keyhole improves its performance by channeling water and guiding the blade during movement. In addition, the hole also serves to decrease the force needed to move the fin in the less active area of the blade.
Viper 2 Full Foot Fin
The Viper 2 includes a precision blend of hydrodynamics for ultimate comfort, efficiency and performance.
Manta Ray Fins
The Manta Ray fins have a comfortable wide fitting rubber foot pocket and come with a stainless steel, rubber-coated bungee strap. Designed to be worn with 5 mm dive boots. 
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