Kayak Accessories

Flush Mount Rod Holder - Long (Old Town Kayaks)
Flush mount rod holder common on Ocean Kayak and Old Town Kayaks. 
Depth : 9"
Mounting harware not included
Use the gasket as your cut-out template.
Stout2 Hooker Thigh Grips
Looking for a more aggressive fit from the thigh grips in your Stout 2 Pyranha Kayak?
Cup Holder Button w/ 3" Stick-On Accessory Mount
Now you can attach a Scotty Cup Holder to a SUP or Kayak’s flat surface with a non-permanent mounting solution.
Scotty Glue-On Pad for Inflatables Boats
Includes stainless steel fasteners
Many different glue products will work for adhering the No. 341 mount to your water craft.
YakAttack - Side Mount Cup Holder
A Cup holder Featuring a side mount that slips into the slot on the dashboard of Bonifide EX123 kayaks. 

It will mount to many other side mount appications, this cup holder is a great option for added storage.
Aquaglide Touring Deck Cover Single 1
Aquaglide Touring Deck Covers will let you paddle in all weather conditions. If you prefer a traditional closed-deck kayak and or keen to go out when conditions are not so favorable then these deck covers are exactly what you need.
Anchor Wizard Kit
The Anchor Wizard system allows you to quickly drop the anchor and retract the anchor.
Bilge Balls
Fun and functional improvement to the standard bilge sponge
Sponge up excess water then chuck it at an unsuspecting passerby
Quick-drying mesh material
NRS Fishing Seat For Inflatable Kayaks
This aluminum-framed suspended-mesh kayak seat gives you a comfortable position for paddling, casting and landing fish.
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