Snorkeling Sets

Aqua Lung Hero Junior Snorkeling Set
Featuring a leak free mask, adjustable fins, and a splashguard snorkel to keep water out the top for easy breathing, makes this the perfect snorkel for kids.
Trooper LX / ZULU LX / Bolt Set
Designed to fit most adult face shapes and sizes, the two-window mask with hypoallergenic silicone face skirt offers a leak-free experience and is designed to fit most adult face shapes and sizes.
Saturn Combo TRNS/RED
The Saturn Combo is all you need for your next snorkeling adventure.
Cub Combo - Mask & Snorkel
Your child can take to the water with a hypoallergenic silicone mask that's comfortable to wear and a dependable performer. Features a one-way purge valve to simply remove any water and built-in whistle to keep track of where your kid is exploring.
Aqua Lung Nabul Snorkeling Set
With adjustable fins, a comfortable, water-tight face mask, and a roll-up snorkel, this snorkel set has everything you need to start exploring your favorite beach or reef.
Oceanways - Youth SeaLife Combo
Ratchet up the fun with these youth mask/snorkel combos that mimic interesting marine life. The orange combo captures the wild colors of the mandarin fish while the yellow combo portrays the elegance of the purple and yellow nudibranch.
Akona Adult Snorkel Set
The open-heel design means each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes. Family members and friends can share equipment easily.
Akona Jr Snorkel Set
The perfect snorkel travel set for adventurous kids who want to explore the water. The open-heel design allows the fin to grow with your child. They won’t grow out of them in one summer.
Cub PC JR Mask & Baffin Snorkel Set
Watch your child take to the water with a hypoallergenic silicone mask that's comfortable to wear and a dependable performer.
Urchin PC JR Set
The Urchin Jr Snorkel Set includes everything your child needs for a fun day at the beach or swimming pool. With easily-adjustable mask and fins, your kid will have no problem finding a comfortable and leak-free fit.
US Divers Snorkel Set Tiki
ENHANCED UNDERWATER VISION - The Tiki DX snorkel mask is designed as a two-window mask with polycarbonate lenses for a thinner and lighter experience. Anti-fog coating enhances your underwater vision so, you won't miss a thing
Aqualung Combo Tiki Jr.
Featuring a shatter-resistant single lens, embedded anti-fog, and easy-adjust buckles, the Tiki Jr mask allows parents to quickly find the perfect fit for the kids so your little ones can simply grab and go explore.
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