Snorkeling Sets

Aqualung Set Tiki Jr.
Enhance your kids snorkeling adventure with the U.S. Divers Tiki Jr Kids Snorkel Set.

Featuring a shatter-resistant dual lenses, embedded anti-fog, and easy-adjust buckles, the Tiki Jr mask allows parents to quickly find the perfect fit for the kids.
Trooper LX / ZULU LX / Bolt Set
Designed to fit most adult face shapes and sizes, the two-window mask with hypoallergenic silicone face skirt offers a leak-free experience and is designed to fit most adult face shapes and sizes.
Nabul Set
With adjustable fins, a comfortable, water-tight face mask, and a roll-up snorkel, this snorkel set has everything you need to start exploring your favorite beach or reef.
Akona Adult Snorkel Set
The open-heel design means each fin can accommodate a wider range of sizes. Family members and friends can share equipment easily.
Akona Jr Snorkel Set
Hair-Safe Elastic Mask Strap
High-Quality Silicone Mask Skirt
Dry Top Snorkel
Urchin PC JR Set
With easily-adjustable mask and fins, your kid will have no problem finding a comfortable and leak-free fit.
Hawkeye Combo
Feel confident in the water on your next snorkeling adventure with the Hawkeye.
Bonita LX Snorkel Set
Hypoallergenic silicone face skirt provides ultimate comfort and a perfect fit to keep water out of the mask
Skirt sized especially for women 
Single window mask 
Easy-adjust, 3-way buckle system 
US Divers Snorkel Set Tiki
ENHANCED UNDERWATER VISION - The Tiki DX snorkel mask is designed as a two-window mask with polycarbonate lenses for a thinner and lighter experience. Anti-fog coating enhances your underwater vision so, you won't miss a thing
Aqualung Combo Tiki Jr.
Shatter-resistant PC lens provides durability and clear vision.
Anti-Fog for ultra clear vision
Easy-adjust buckle system
J snorkel
Colours: Red/Blue/White, Pink/Teal and Orange/Grey
Trooper Combo Snorkel & Mask
The silicone skirt on the mask ensures a leak-free fit, while the soft silicone mouthpiece is easy to hold in place, reducing any unwanted jaw fatigue.
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