Stand Up Paddle Boards

STAR Phase Inflatable SUP Boards
From family fun to fitness paddling, from lakes to rivers, the fun and stable Phase Inflatable SUP Board is a great choice for a all-around SUP for paddlers who like to mix things up.
RED Paddle 9'4" Kids Snapper ISUP
The Snapper is the perfect way to get kids onto the water on their own board. Shorter and narrower than the Ride family, this highly durable board is made to the same rigorous standards as the rest of our range, but it's dimensions make it easier for youn
SIC - FX PRO - 12'6 SUP - Demo
The new FX is quickly becoming a crowd pleaser given its enhanced stability, speed and glide.
RED Ride 10'6" x 32" LTD Edition ISUP
This performance paddle uses a carbon weave for greater strength whilst keeping the paddle super light and responsive.
RS Air-Glide 14'0"x28" ISUP
A great ISUP for those looking to travel with a lightweight race board with limited space for storage. For fitness, yoga, touring and race enthusiasts alike.
RED Compact ISUP Package 12' Voyager
The 12’0 increased length makes this board perfect for the ultimate explorer who wants to travel the world with their SUP.
RED Compact ISUP Package 11'
A new look for Red's flagship Compact range, with a soft grey and cyan drop stitch and a new split deckpad. This allows for water to run off more effectively and improves the 'packability' of the board.
Blu Wave - The Catalina 12.6 Touring SUP
Suitable for all levels of ability from beginner to advanced and ideal for larger paddlers with their significant volume and stability.
Blu Wave - Armada 11.6 Touring SUP
Constructed using Blu Wave’s all new ABS Thermo-Tech Construction, the Armada provides the performance and glide of a touring board in the same super durable layup as the other Armada models.
RED Paddle Ride 10'0" x 29" ISUP
All the benefits of our best-selling and award-winning 10’6” Ride board in a smaller size.
Unrivalled stiffness, RSS Battens and the round nose provide unbeaten stability, offering a smooth and predictable ride in all conditions.
NSP SUP Wing Foil Protech - 6'6"
Riders looking to go downwinding, newbies to foiling who are trying a wake session for the first time, wingfoilers are well served with the inserts, and SUP foilers will love how easy this shape recovers from touchdowns.
OXBOW Play 10'6" x 34" Inflatable SUP
By adding a non-stretch stringer along the top and bottom center line together with double layer rail construction Tahe reduced weight, dramatically increased rigidity and improved ease of re-rolling and packing the board after use.
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