Stand Up Paddle Boards

Amundson 12'6" TR-27 - SUP
Amundson TR 12'6 x 29 Touring SUP (Stand Up Paddleboard)
Tao Surf Art - Rigid SUP
Recreational touring rigid paddle board for beginner surfers, intermediate and advance surfers that want a durable paddleboard. Great board for kids learning to paddle.
NRS Heron Fishing 11
Heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch construction and double sidewalls for enhanced durability, let the Heron handle the abrasion and abuse of adventure anglers.
Tahe Breeze Performer AT 10'6
Riders up to 200lbs/90kg
Flat-Water Cruising and Wave Surfing
Surf Style Look and Feel
Rugged Use Environments including schools, rental operations
12'6" Tahe Breeze Wing Air Pack
A perfect ISUP for touring on all types of water, introduction to SUP competition and for those who are looking for a longer and narrower board for a better glide.
SIC Atlantis 14 x 26.0 SF
The SIC Atlantis is the ultimate downwind and rough water SUP.
Red Activ ISUP 10.8
Relax, de-stress and enjoy the incredible benefits of practicing yoga on this special board. People have always flocked to the water for its tranquility. Early on, we discovered people were taking their Red Paddle Co inflatable SUPs to the water for yoga,
Tao Surf Tough - Rigid SUP
The full nose and rounded pintail help you to drop into waves, carving down the line with ease.
The wider widths make the board stable, which comes in handy when punching through the shore break or standing out in the lineup.
NRS Osprey Fishing 10'8
With heavy-duty PVC drop-stitch construction and double sidewalls for increased durability, NRS SUPs can handle the abrasion and abuse of a fisherman's lifestyle.
OXBOW Play 10'6" x 34" Inflatable SUP
By adding a non-stretch stringer along the top and bottom center line together with double layer rail construction Tahe reduced weight, dramatically increased rigidity and improved ease of re-rolling and packing the board after use.
Tao Fit Art
The keeled nose transitions to a flat profile through the middle of the board, giving it outstanding stability. The flat deck offers the perfect platform for those looking for a board for a yoga class or the angler who wants to land the big one.
Okeanos-Rigid SUP-DF
The Okeanos is a fitness and touring board that has been outfitted with numerous tie-downs to mount your cargo for any adventure.
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