Focus Swim Snorkel
Unique, low-profile hydrodynamic tube reduces drag.
Increases cardiovascular strength and lung capacity.
Silicone Comfo-Bite mouthpiece minimizes jaw fatigue.
NRS Cottonmouth Nose Plugs
Made with a high-quality wire that has both strength and durability. The wire is covered, so the nose padding grips well and resists separating. Built to last in Asheville, North Carolina USA.
Eagle Diopter (Prescription) Lens
Utilizing a unique construction of a one-piece silicone skirt and nose bridge frame combined with Aqua Sphere’s proprietary interchangeable lens retainer allows swimmers to purchase right and left high grade optical lenses to meet their specific vision.
Phelps Technique Training Paddle
Design prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow
Structural design promotes proper vertical forearm technique
Vent holes provide a natural feel of the water
Phelps Womens Racer 2.0 Suit
Features an Aqua Flex collar to reduce water leaks and rashes.
Designed to maximize buoyancy and maintain a streamlined body position while competing in a triathlon.
Phelps Men's Pursuit 2.0
The Bio-Stretch Zone provides maximum flexibility and reach right where you need it. Even if you’re a beginner triathlete, you can be confident during your triathlon race.
MVP X-O Swim Cap
The MP Michael Phelps X-O Swim Cap is engineered with integrated, dual-density stretch zones, stabilizing ribs, and internal dimpling. Sleek and Secure Fit!
Aqua Skin Top V3 Triathlon
The top has ultra thin panels constructed of thin neoprene combined with Polyester spandex sleeves which offers complete freedom of movement like a traditional swimsuit, but with the added benefit of maintaining the body’s temperature in water.
Seal Kid 2 Mask
The Seal Kid 2 utilizes Aquasphere’s patented curved lenses for a wide field of vision, making children more confident in the water.

The easy-adjust side buckles are simple for kids or parents to adjust - even while wearing!
Tiburon Kid Goggles
Sized for Ages 3+
Curved Lens Technology geometry delivers wide peripheral vision
Anatomical, asymmetrical Softeril gasket provides a comfortable fit and watertight seal
Low profile integrated strap and buckle design for improved hydrodynamics
Tiburon Jr Goggles
Made in Italy with AquaSphere technology
Developed with Michael Phelps and Bob Bowman
Jr (Sized for Youth 6+)
Curved Lens Technology geometry delivers wide peripheral vision
Eagle (Interchangeable Prescription) Goggles
Revolutionary lens replacement system for prescription lenses (sold seperately)
Hypoallergenic silicone gaskets and strap
Polycarbonate lenses
100% UVA/UVB protection
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