Vista Pro Swim Mask
 Utilizing the latest technologies Aqua Sphere has developed a new AFT featured silicone skirt, and offer a wide range of different tinted lenses to make the Vista Pro unique in this market segment.
Xceed Goggles
These goggles feature titanium lenses for sunlight protection and sleek hydrodynamic straps.
Ninja Goggles
FINA approved
Mirrored lenses
One time, low-profile strap adjustment system
High-quality, low profile Silicone strap
Curved Lens Technology for expanded field of vision
Phelps Women's Pursuit 2.0
The Bio-Stretch Zone provides maximum flexibility and reach right where you need it. Even if you’re a beginner triathlete, you can be confident during your triathlon race.
MVP X-O Swim Cap
The MP Michael Phelps X-O Swim Cap is engineered with integrated, dual-density stretch zones, stabilizing ribs, and internal dimpling. Sleek and Secure Fit!
Aquasphere Aqua Stop Orange Nose Clip
This Aquastop nose clip has been designed with an ergonomically shaped frame to ensure a snug fit on the nose.
Phelps Womens Racer 2.0 Suit
Features an Aqua Flex collar to reduce water leaks and rashes.
Designed to maximize buoyancy and maintain a streamlined body position while competing in a triathlon.
Seal Kid 2 Mask
The Seal Kid 2 utilizes Aquasphere’s patented curved lenses for a wide field of vision, making children more confident in the water.

The easy-adjust side buckles are simple for kids or parents to adjust - even while wearing!
Fastlane Goggles
The patented Strap Management System offers quick hassle-free strap adjustments plus four nose bridge options ensuring a perfect fit.
This is a perfect goggle for your everyday training needs.
Kayenne Goggles
Features a stabilizing bimaterial nose bridge, for a secure and comfortable fit. This combination makes the Kayenne a perfect choice whether in a pool or open water.
Phelps Strength Paddle
Bones structure mimics natural hand position
Vents and palm risers enhance feel for the water
Ergonomic wrist strapand finger loop: fully adjustable, durable and streamlined
POM - rigid thermoplastic
Phelps Technique Training Paddle
Design prevents swimmer from bending at the wrist & dropping the elbow
Structural design promotes proper vertical forearm technique
Vent holes provide a natural feel of the water
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