Baffin JR Snorkel
The Aqua Lung snorkel is great for beginners with a dry top so that water cannot get in the snorkel, a comfortable silicon mouth piece, and a one-way valve so you can empty the snorkel of any water with a hard breath.
Gobi SN Snorkel JR
The Gobi SN snorkel uses submersible Pivot-dry technology and a one-way purge valve that allows for easy clearing to keep water out. The snorkel features a hypoallergenic silicone mouthpiece and a flex section for ultimate comfort.
The Pocket Snorkel folds neatly and out of the way in your BC pocket when not in use.
Ultra Dry 2 Snorkel
This sleek new ergonomic design incorporates Oceanic’s patented Dry Snorkel Technology, drop away flex mouthpiece, oversized purge valve for easy clearing...
ARID Snorkel
The dry top deflector prevents water entry, the oversized purge valve makes for easy clearing, and a replaceable 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece fits snuggly on every adventure.
Ultra SD Snorkel
The design also incorporates a drop-away flex mouthpiece, oversized purge valve for easy clearing and a 100% liquid silicone mouthpiece.
Predator Snorkel, Blue Camo
The Oceanic Predator Snorkel is a simple yet functional, old-school snorkel design. It’s so sleek that freedivers never have to worry about valves or moving parts that can disrupt a freedive.
Atomic SV2 Flex Snorkel
The SV2 is designed to limit splashed water from entering the breathing tube, by combining the Scupper Valve lower section with the sleek looking SV2 Semi-Dry top.
Impulse Dry Snorkel
Patented Impulse Dry™ valve is positioned facing forward, causing the valve to close quicker, preventing water from entering the snorkel eliminating the need for clearing the snorkel
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