Rec, Tour & Angler Kayak Paddles

Accent Pro Core Helix Advantage Grip 194
The Helix is constructed with CNC foam core blades layered in carbon and fiberglass to offer a buoyant feel on the water.
StingRay Hybrid/ Posi-Lok Carbon White
100% Carbon shaft is lightweight to reduce fatigue and joint strain and very durable
Mid-sized, fiberglass reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke.
The Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly
Werner Sherpa Paddle Small/Straight
30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. Premium fiberglass blade provides lightweight responsiveness and durability. The Sherpa's mid-size blades are great for all around river running.
Magic Mystic Paddle
The Carlisle Magic Mystic is a durable and efficient introductory kayak paddle. The two-piece aluminum shaft and fiberglass-reinforced polypropylene blades provide a durable, reliable option.
Sunrise Fiberglass Shaft/Blade
Lightweight, durable fiberglass shaft that'll keep your joints from feeling achy, even after a full day of paddling.
Accent Energy Carbon Paddle
With Accent's Advantage Grip technology, paddlers will now be afforded all the benefits of bent shaft technology at an affordable price. The Energy carbon is constructed with a carbon shaft and Accent's proprietary apX polymer blend.
Accent Energy Hybrid Paddle
The Energy Hybrid is an industry first. It brings all the benefits of bent shaft technology at a fraction of the cost.
The blade design is a perfect blend for low and high angle paddlers.
Tango FG Blade/Carbon Straight Shaft Posi-Lok
A paddle with a light swing, yet strong and durable.
Aquaglide - Vario Superlight Kayak Paddle 2 piece
Responsive carbon fiber shaft provides superior performance, while durable injectionmolded blades deliver smooth, efficient power and durability.
Kauai High Angle Paddle.
Lightweight carbon blend shaft offers the perfect balance of strength and shoulder easing flex
Fast and easy Kingpin Paddle Offset Adjustment offers offset increments of 15° from 0 to 90° either left or right hand control
Magic Kayak Paddle
Fiberglass reinforced nylon blades provide a slightly stiffer, yet efficient stroke that is further supported by an aluminum shaft. 
MantaRay Yellow FB Blade/2pc
Aluminum shaft is corrosion-resistant
Big, beefy blades are a great choice for big boats looking to move more water
Snug fitting, snap-button ferrule allows for multiple feather angles
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