SUP & iSUP Accessories

Wind Paddle - Makani -Blue SUP Sail
Glide gently, or power hard, depending on the wind speed.

Clips to existing deck bungee or clip inserts on your board. Coil and lay flat on the deck of your SUP until you are ready for it, then pop it up and go.
Mata Hoe SUP Deck Bag
Easily take a 10 L dry bag, water bottle, sun screen, smart phone case, and much more.

For a lazy afternoon paddle or a trek up the coast you'll be glad you brought your Mata Hoe.
NSP SUP Waist Belt
A waist leash is recommended for use with the NSP 6″/10″ coiled SUP leashes for SUP racing or the NSP 6″/8″ surf leash for foiling. Easy velcro adjustments to fit your size and a quick release from the frontal buckle clip.
Red Paddle Camera Mount
The ideal accessory for paddle boarders wanting to attach a camera to their board, the 360 degree rotation makes it an excellent choice for paddlers for catching the perfect shot while on the move.
Bluwave Premium SUP Bag - Surf Style
This bag boasts a full coffin style zipper to fully open the bag for easy packing and unpacking as well as synch straps on the sidewalls for a perfect fit. If that wasn't enough this bag also has heavy duty handles at the nose tail and rails and a zippere
Sexwax Red Label Surf Wax
70°F to 84°F
21°C to 29°C
RED Paddle Co - 10' Coiled SUP Leash
This has been designed for flat water paddlers and racers who want to make sure they are not getting any excess drag from their leash being in the water.
Micro Tow Line 50
A simple and effective tow system for a SUP paddler or beginning sea kayaker.
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