Ronix Boomstick Bi Level
Several dusks and dawns ago, Reed Hansen and the boys sourced some lively materials to throw in a 14 lb. stockier skate, offering more board control, both on the water and leaving it from this added weight.
Echo Wedge Wake Shaper
ECHO features that drop-the-handle wave performance similar to solid panel wedge-style shapers. Its compact footprint fits in smaller spaces than other wedge-style shapers while delivering the wave performance you need at the price you want.
Phase Five 3D Fin Set (Twin)
These rear trailing fins feature the 3D dimple technology allowing water to flows without sticking to the fin increasing overall speed and performance.
LF Skim 1.0 Fin S w/ 10/24 Screws
Designed for the Liquid Force Swami, Super Tramp, and any other skim style wakesurfer that uses 10/24 hardware.
DB Standard Proto Skimboard
The Standard Proto is one of the most popular boards in flatland skimboarding.
Sandfish Walnut Woody Grom Cruiser
The Grom Cruiser is a great beginner skimboard with some premium features.
Ronix Koal Classic LongBoard - Bamboo Wood/White
Ronix's thickest and most buoyant board, the Ronix Koal Classic Longboard Wakesurf Board is an easy going soul surfer made for chilling out with style and hanging ten behind the infinite wake of your boat.
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