Course Descriptions

Just Liquid offers a variety of watersport instruction courses, whether you're new to kayaking or wanting to advance your skills on whitewater, take your PADI dive certification, or learn how to transport and stand up paddle on your new board, we're here to teach you the techniques to enjoy every moment on the water!



Recreational Kayak 1    $89.95

2 hours

Join us in this 2 hour course to take a look at what it means to be a recreational kayaker! We'll cover the basic skills to start you paddling on your own, from transportation, launching, maneuvering your kayak efficiently, safety, and all the basic techniques of the sport. Our instructors are happy to get you started loving paddling on one of the many beautiful East Kootenay lakes.


Recreational Kayak 2    $119.95

3 hours

Come paddle with us again, this time for 3 hours, to expand your knowledge and skill base of recreational kayaking. This course is designed to boost your ability and confidence on the water. Our instructors for Rec 2 will teach you how to paddle longer and over greater distances comfortably, with the ability to explore all the places you'll want to see. Gain knowledge to avoid fatigue, proper balance in the kayak, leaning as an aid to maneuver, and other body mechanic techniques, paddle techniques, and boat rescue skills.


Roll Course 101    $49.95

1 hour

For whitewater or recreational kayakers, whether its a large ocean wave that catches you broadside, or you dig your paddle in a little too deep while cruising along, there are several ways you can end up upside-down in a kayak, and you want to be prepared. An hour on the lake with our instructors, and you'll know the basic safety skills and body mechanics to flip right side up and take any stress out of a day on the water.



SUP 1     $69.95

2 hours

This intro course will give you the basic skills necessary to get to and from a local lake without sending your board flying, and how to get out on the water, paddling your way into the SUP world. Learn all about how to transport and secure your board on a vehicle, proper launch techniques and how to get yourself moving from a standing position on the shore. Begin to understand board design, how to carry and handle your board to keep it looking like new. Then get out on the water and start honing your skills on some of the strokes that will have you maneuvering your board to all the places you hope to explore! You will also come away from this course with an understanding of the gear and knowledge you need, in order to stay safe on the water while using your new SUP skills, out on your own and with friends.


SUP 2     $69.95

3 hours

This course will begin with a quick Review of SUP board and gear design, function, and maintenance. Then hit the water for some advanced skills and technique training. Within 3 hours of advanced skills training with our Paddle Canada Certified SUP Instructors you will be paddling efficiently down the lake with strokes like running draw, tip draw, cross bow draw and maneuvers like the pivot turn and hang ten. Get the skills you need to enhance your balance and maneuverability. Whether you are hoping to head out and try your hand on the ocean waves, or you just want to be able to take longer trips in harder-to-reach places, this course is going to help you develop the skills you will need. Never let a little weather keep you from enjoying the outdoor water world we all love so much!



Whitewater Kayak 1     $119.95

4 hours

This 4 hour intro course to whitewater kayaking teaches you the basic river running skills you'll need: how to scout, read and run rivers safely, hazard recognition, basic safety & rescue techniques, communication, and mandatory boating skills such as edge control, how to ferry, and how to catch eddy’s.

Whitewater Kayak 2    $119.95

4 hours

Further develop your river running skills (ferry, peel in & peel out). In this 4 hour intermediate course, you will learn how to use hydrology to your advantage, let the water do the work for you. You will learn to surf and play in waves, holes, and eddy lines as well as practice more advanced rescue techniques, safety skills and more.


Whitewater Kayak 3    $199.95

6 hours

This course is designed to help the avid paddlers perfect their skills, grow confidence, and begin pushing their limits. It is also an introduction to advanced river rescue techniques! You will be ‘boofing’ with style and stomping your landings by the end of this 6 hour advanced course!


PADI Diving

Open Water   $350

Learn to dive locally with the introduction to diving Open Water Course. Consists of several days of in-class theory and then continue with our instructors to confined and open water dives. By the end of this course you'll have the skills and knowledge to continue diving elsewhere and broaden your scuba experience.


Advanced Open Water   $190

This PADI advanced course will advance your scuba skills, you don't have to be an advanced diver! Go deeper, explore more of the areas you haven't been able to and increase your dive training. Get a glimpse of night diving, wreck diving, deeper depths, as well as a taste of what you could do as a rescue diver.


Open Water Referral - Confined Water Portion   $220

Have you started your PADI elsewhere and need a few more skills for completion? Or maybe you want to start local before finishing your open water dives somewhere tropical, near reefs, beaches, and some pretty neat aquatic life. Whatever your experience we can help you complete your PADI Open Water certification and keep diving!


Dry Suit Specialty   $120

Cold weather doesn't mean time to hang up the fins when you have a Dry Suit Certification. Taking this course will teach you how to control buoyancy with more than just your BCD, how to handle colder water and deeper depths for longer, as well as broaden your knowledge and dive experience.


Open Water Refresher Diver   $150

It's been a while since your last dive, or maybe years since your open water course. This course will provide you with a brief theory refresher, you'll become reacquainted with the gear, then hit the water with our instructors to relearn some skills and have some fun. Don't let a few rusty skills keep you land-locked!


Rescue Diver   $220

Challenging yet so rewarding, this course will prepare you to be a confident and knowledgeable member of any dive group. Make sure you know how to react and respond in an emergency, this course includes self rescue, emergency management and equipment, panicking divers and unresponsive divers. First Aid and CPR training must be recent (within the last 24 months) or they can be included in the Rescue Diver Course itself for an additional fee.


Other Dive courses are available with our instructors such as

-Wreck Diver                             - Night Diver

-Underwater Navigator               - Search and Recovery

-Peak Performance Buoyancy      - Project Aware

-Bubble Makers (kids)                - Seal Team (kids)


Check out the Education section on the PADI site for more info, or give us a call at 250-489-2837!

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