Canoe Outfitting & Accessories

Hellman Drop in Canoe Seat
The drop-in seats comfortably accommodate an extra paddler, or two children sitting side by side. The Drop-in seat is also ideal for solo paddling.
The seat can be placed in anyone of our Hellman canoes or can be customized to fit any canoe. The polyes
Padz Canoe Contoured Knee Pads
A easy to install self-adhesive closed mini-cell knee pad set for canoes and C-1 boats.
Saranac Seat Back Kit
You can add this backrest to your existing Saranac seat.

Kit includes 1 padded seat back, pad for existing seat base, hardware and installation instructions.
Hellman bow/front canoe seat
Replacement Bow/front contoured wood canoe seat
Old Town Sitbacker Chair
The SitBacker provides great back-support for the canoe. It's reclinable, portable and has a 2" thick cushioned seat.
Hellman Standard Wood Canoe Yoke
Hellman Standard Wood Yoke
Canoe Tandem Center Overbag for IQ
The Harmony IQ Center overbag is designed to be used with Mad Rivers older IQ Gunwales though can be modified to fit regular canoes.
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