Canoe Outfitting & Accessories

Hellman Drop in Canoe Seat
The drop-in seats comfortably accommodate an extra paddler, or two children sitting side by side. The Drop-in seat is also ideal for solo paddling.
The seat can be placed in anyone of our Hellman canoes or can be customized to fit any canoe. The polyes
Canoe Tandem Center Overbag for IQ
The Harmony IQ Center overbag is designed to be used with Mad Rivers older IQ Gunwales though can be modified to fit regular canoes.
Canoe Mini Center Float Bag Vinyl Silver
It features the innovative 3D vertical end seam along with tie-in points at the nose and three across the base of the bag, all of which are isolated from the air holding cell so that a tear out (a rare occasion at best) will be limited to the anchor. 
Knee Pads - pr
Provides a comfortable kneeling position. When paired with our thigh straps, you get a comfortable and secure fit. 7-3/4"L x 6-7/8"W base tapering from 1-1/2" to 1"
Canoe Chair III Forest Green
Specially designed Canoe Chair with a strap/quick-release buckle configuration for molded contoured canoe seats.
Pull straps tight for portaging.
Strap length for securing the Canoe Chair to the canoe is 23". 1″ closed-cell foam seat.
Thule - Quickdraw Ratchet Bow & Stern Lines
Secure your kayak or canoes bow and stern with a quick and easy ratchet system.
Adjustable Saddle
This saddle is ideal for canoeists who paddle solo or with a variety of partners. Used with the Loop Track Anchor 28" - pr, this versatile saddle system can be easily adjusted or removed altogether.
Quick Loops - Pair
The Quick Loop locks in place with the pressure, providing a quick, easy loop to lash your straps to.
RS 7" Universal Canoe Block
7" Universal Canoe Block fits onto your roof rack cross bars for easy trasnport.
Block Dimensions: 4in H x 3.75in D x 6.75in W
Sold as singles.
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