Inflatable PFDs

NRS Matik Inflatable PFD
An alternative to waist-belted PFDs, the low-profile NRS Matik Inflatable PFD resembles a traditional lifevest with the compact convenience of an inflatable.
Catalyst Flotation Coat - Harmonized
Kick the inconvenience of changing in and out of your PFD as you navigate on- and off-board with the PFD integrated directly into one elements-blocking jacket. Keep wind & moisture out with adjustable cuffs at the wrists.
MIV-10 Inflatable Fishermans Vest Olive
This front-entry manual inflatable PFD has a retro design and plenty of storage to organize your fishing gear. A quick pull on the cord manually deploys inflation when you want it.
MIT 70 Inflatable PFD- Manual
This front entry automatic inflatable PFD is the smallest of its kind approved in North America and is an excellent choice for inshore marine adventures.
Khimera Dual Flotation PFD - ONFA
The Khimera Dual Flotation PFD offers security of foam in a slim profile, the option to boost your buoyancy with the pull of a cord keeps your movements and your flotation fluid and dynamic.
Mustang Minimalist SUP Belt Pack
Soft exterior fabric and ergonomic construction make this PFD extremely comfortable to wear. Activated with a manual inflation cord, the Minimalist Belt Pack provides 18 lbs of buoyancy in a pillow-style bladder when deployed.
Manual Rearm Kit H 86160-24OZ
Manual PFD Re-Arm Kit H 86160-24OZ. 24 Gram CO2 with Halky-Roberts Bayonet
O'brien Inflatable Belt PFD - CCGA
Stay safe on the water while enjoying your Stand Up Paddle Board with the O'Brien Inflatable Sup Belt PFD. This manually inflated belt sits comfortably around your waist and even has room to store your keys.
Accessory Pocket for Inflatable Waist Belts
It is ergonomically designed to provide you with easy access to your personal survival equipment or other items.
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