Fishing Cooler
The main cooler compartment offers 9qts (8.5L) of lined, insulated storage space; the perfect fit for up to 24 chilled 12oz cans with ice.
Aquaglide Touring Deck Cover Single 1
Aquaglide Touring Deck Covers will let you paddle in all weather conditions. If you prefer a traditional closed-deck kayak and or keen to go out when conditions are not so favorable then these deck covers are exactly what you need.
AG Frame Seat
This padded mesh comfort seat has a sturdy aluminum frame with an adjustable back angle and high or low height options.
Aquaglide Duo Inflation Y Split Hose - Hand Pump
Best For: Inflating (2) kayak chambers
Aquaglide Navarro 110
With its high level of comfort and confidence-inspiring straight-line tracking, the Navarro 110 is the ideal inflatable kayak for year-round, all-weather solo paddling with the added performance benefit of a drop-stitch, hard-bottom floor.
Aquaglide Backwoods Expedition 85
At 8’-6” long and weighing only 12-pounds, this boat tracks straight, and it has the capacity and features to organize and carry gear efficiently. If you’re looking for an ultralight, expedition-ready solo touring kayak, look no further than the Expeditio
Aquaglide - Vario Superlight Kayak Paddle 2 piece
Responsive carbon fiber shaft provides superior performance, while durable injectionmolded blades deliver smooth, efficient power and durability.
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