Products tagged with Trident

Trident 11 Angler Kayak
The Ocean Kayak Trident 11 is built for convenience, agility and easy transportation. This is the most efficient SOT kayak in the under 12' catagory and comes complete with the most amount of factory accessory options. Combine this with the fully adjustab
Slim Line Octopus Holder w/ Snap
Octopus Holder Retainer with Webbing & Clip. Total length: 5" Long. Elastic ring to hold your second stage in place during your dive and pulls out for use.
High impact plastic with a swivel body
Silicone Snorkel Keeper
Molded Silicone Reinforced deluxe clear snorkel keeper.
Mask Strap Cover
Trident Soft Neoprene Mask Strap Cover
Mini Tank O Ring Kit
Alyways have a spare O-Ring with this must have mini set!
Mesh Bag in a Bag for Divers
Trident Mesh Bag In a Bag is the ideal above or underwater treasure collector.
Super Graphite Pencil -Refillable
Graphite pencil for underwater writing. Spare or replacement for your dive slate. Includes matching stretchy coil and clip.
Sterisol, Germicide 2 OZ.
Cleans, disinfects, & deodorizes scuba mouthpieces. 2-ounce spray bottle
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