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NRS Strap Multipacks Master Pack
Buy your NRS Straps by the bucket load with our NRS Strap Multipacks.

Packaged in the NRS custom utility buckets, the Mini Strap Pack and Master Strap Pack give you a range of NRS 1" Heavy Duty Straps in our most popular sizes, plus a handy place to st
NRS Strap Slide - Sold Individually
Three-bar strap slides that are used to attach a one inch heavy-duty river strap to a frame. For 1" Flat Straps / Webbing.
Nickel Plated
NRS 5/8" Micro Straps
UV-protected polypropylene webbing won't stretch when wet. Custom cam buckle features dual stainless-steel springs for a strong, even bite that won't slip, ever.
Red Board Carry Strap
Comfortably carry Paddle Boards to the waters edge.
Winch Strap & Hook 2'' x 20"
Wide Polyester Webbing. Heavy duty plated safety hook.
NRS 1" HD Tie Down Straps - PAIR
First sold in 1978 as a better way to tie down gear and frames on whitewater rafts, the NRS 1" Heavy Duty Strap is known the world over for its incredible strength and versatility.
NRS 1" HD Buckle Bumper Straps - PAIR
The removable rubber guard adds bounce to the buckle to prevent unhappy accidents. Beneath the bumper is the same burly NRS cam buckle that has set the standard for strength and reliability since 1978.
NRS 1.5" HD Tie Down Straps - SINGLE
It's been trusted by boaters and other outdoor adventurers around the world for over 30 years.
NRS 1" HD Tie Down Straps - SINGLE
NRS' 2.54 cm wide polypropylene webbing has a tensile strength of 680 kg, so you can lash down your gear with confidence.
NRS 1.5" HD Tie Down Straps - PAIR
Born on the river in 1978 for tying down gear on whitewater rafts, NRS Straps are known the world over for their strength, dependability and incredible usefulness.
Mask Strap Cover
Trident Soft Neoprene Mask Strap Cover
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