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Seadog Nylon Oar lock-2
Injection Molded Nylon
Inside Diameter: 2"
Shank Diameter: 3/4"
Oarlock Socket Bushing 1/2"
Oarlock Socket Bushing. Injection molded polypropylene. Fits 1/2" Oarlock Shafts.
Brass Oarlock Side Mount
Brass Oarlock Side Mount with Nylon Bushings
Fits 1/2" Oarlock Shaft
Nylon Bushings
Dimensions in Diagram: A- 1/2"  B-3-3/4"
Brass Oarlock Angle Mount
Traditional style brass oarlock angle mount.  Accepts 1/2" oarlock shafts.
Oarlock Adapter
Adapts all Scotty rod holder mounts to half inch oarlock sockets.
NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlock
Made with the same advanced technology of our Atomic Aluminum Oarlocks, NRS Mini Aluminum Oarlocks are incredibly strong for their size.
These are the toughest small oarlocks made.
Replacement Oarlock Split Rings
One end of the ring coil is slightly flared out to facilitate getting the ring started, and to help save broken fingernails! Spare split rings are great to have in your repair kit.
NRS Atomic Aluminum Oarlock Large
Pound for pound, this is the lightest, toughest oarlock out there. NRS drop-forge production process yields a much higher strength-to-weight ratio compared to cast or machined aluminum components.
Lynch Pin Oarlock Keeper (Each)
Tired of trying to put Split Rings on your oarlock? The Lynch Pin Keeper lets you safely secure your oarlock without fingernails or frustration. It's the finger-friendly alternative to split rings.
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