Products tagged with nozzle

Foot Pump Nozzle
Two of the nozzles work well for the type of valves found in some air mattresses.
The 5/8" diameter tip on the third nozzle fits some types of boat valves.
These nozzles also work with the Wonder Pump 6 Hand Pump.
Scepter Nozzle - Water Container
Screws snugly to the pour spout on Scepter Containers. Blue spring-loaded nozzle control lever has two operating positions. Pushed one way the lever opens the nozzle for water flow and stays open until flipped closed. Pushed the other direction the nozzle
Nozzle For A Big Blower
This is the Replacement Nozzle for the Big Blower 120-volt electric inflator/deflator pump.
Slips over the outlet of the pump for a firm friction fit.
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