Products tagged with kneeboarding

HO Proton KB w/ Powerlock Strap
The HO Sports Proton Kneeboard is a one-size-fits-all kneeboard featuring a Powerlock single locking knee strap for maximum comfort and ease.

It’s surf inspired shape and deep tracking channels make wake cuts and landing super smooth.
HO Neutron KB w/ Powerlock Strap
A great kneeboard for water sports enthusiasts at all skill levels.
The H.O. Sports Neutron Kneeboard features a twin-tip design and a continuous rocker for huge airs and soft landings.
HO Electron KB w/ Powerlock Strap
There's nothing negative about this Electron. HO's best selling beginner board that makes every ride a blast.

Molded-in handle hook and powerlock strap keeps you riding all day long. The large orthotic knee pad makes for a comfortable ride, while the d
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