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Thule Podium Foot Half Pack 4602 w/Kit 3101
The Thule 460 Podium Foot Half Pack with Fit Kit 3101 is perfect when you just need to add a single Thule square bar. This package contains 2 Podium feet, 2 fit kit 3101, and 2 end caps. Load bar is sold separately.
Thule Evo Clamp
Ergonomic torque limiter key indicates when the rack is safely and properly secured to your vehicle.
Quick assembly and install with click-in mounting brackets. No additional tools required.
Thule Super High Gutter Foot Pack
Thule 953 is Thule's tallest rain gutter foot pack designed with 11 inches of extra load bar clearance to accommodate super-high car roofs with rain gutters. This foot pack includes four 953 feet.
Thule Rapid Gutter Low Foot Pack
The Thule Rapid Gutter - Low is a rock-solid and simple foot pack for vehicles with rain gutters. Can also be used with Thule's 542 Artificial rain gutter brackets (not included). Thule 300R comes as a pack of four feet.
Thule Evo Flush Rail Foot Pack
The Thule Evo Flush Rail Foot is easy-to-install. When combined with a Thule Evo Flush Rail Fit Kit and a pair of Thule WingBar Evo, Thule SquareBar, or Thule ProBar load bars you can create a strong, secure system on vehicles with flush side rails.
Thule Evo Raised Rail
The Thule Evo Raised Rail is an easy-to-install foot pack for the Thule Evo roof rack systems. Works for vehicles with raised railings and has a load capacity of 100kg (220lbs).
Takuma Foot Straps - Set of Two
Designed for maximum foot comfort and control. These will allow you to have more control of the board and take you to the next level.
Foot Pump Nozzle
Two of the nozzles work well for the type of valves found in some air mattresses.
The 5/8" diameter tip on the third nozzle fits some types of boat valves.
These nozzles also work with the Wonder Pump 6 Hand Pump.
NRS Frame Foot Bar With LoPro's
Attach an NRS Foot Bar to your side rails and give a rower or passenger extra stability to help lock-in when the river gets rowdy.
NRS Frame Foot Pegs - Pair
Pegs attach securely with our coined stainless steel U-bolts and nylon lock nuts. Knurled surface prevents slipping in the wet boating environment. Threaded end plug with O-ring seal creates a small waterproof storage container.
This is a great frame upg
Rapid traverse Foot Pack 480R
The Thule 480R Rapid Traverse Foot Pack is the best fitting foot for vehicles without a factory rack or rain gutters. Thule 480 Rapid Traverse replaces the Thule 400XTR Aero foot, offering simplified installation and a stronger fit.
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