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Takuma 110 Carbon Downwind Foil Board 6'x24"x6"
Careful attention to volume distribution means it is highly versatile on the water, easy to paddle and takes off early.
Ronix fluid Mast 28"
The most advanced Ronix mast. Master the art of pumping with this mast as you explore 5th wake back from the boat transfers.
Nexen 5m Inflatable Wing
Nexen wanted to build a range of wings that would be fast, go to weather and have a high degree of control through a range of conditions and manoeuvres.
Nexen Tow Dock Kite Foil 15 - Carbon
Nexen uses only the highest quality materials in the construction of these boards. All boards are CNC machined and hand sanded as well as vacuum bagged and hand finished.
Airwave Foil Set - 1700 Front Wing 70cm Mast
With low-speed take-off and excellent rider feedback, the NSP Airwave lifts early. The FW 1700 benefits from a higher surface compared to 1325, making it perfect for heavier riders struggling to get on foil.
NSP SUP Wing Foil Protech - 6'6"
Riders looking to go downwinding, newbies to foiling who are trying a wake session for the first time, wingfoilers are well served with the inserts, and SUP foilers will love how easy this shape recovers from touchdowns.
Takuma Wing Ride III
Takuma's design process has been focused on stability and ease of use, paired with a stiffness allowing for comfortable and efficient rides. 
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