Products tagged with Fiberglass

Ronix 1.8 in. NUB Floating Fin-S 2.0 Tool-Less
They thicken up the band's sound, maintain momentum and add layers of variety to the music. Let us present to you the rhythm guitarist of surf fins.
Sunrise Fiberglass Shaft/Blade
Lightweight, durable fiberglass shaft that'll keep your joints from feeling achy, even after a full day of paddling.
Cannon Wave FX 230
The Wave design features an aggressive dihedral angle for easier pull through the water and a large powerful blade face to get any boat moving. 
Wind Swift, 2-pc Touring Paddles - Graphic Inlays Fiberglass
A paddle that is excellent in high winds and still delivers a healthy amount of paddle power for all but the most demanding conditions. 
Ronix Fiberglass Asymmetrical Fin - (2 pack)
The .8" Fiberglass Asymmetrical Fin (2 pack) Black.
High speeds in a straight line, without the locked in feel when turning. A combination of Ramp and free agent.
Ronix Floating Fin-S 2.0 Tool-Less Fiberglass
Accidents can happen - no worries - these epoxy fins float, and they come standard on most of our high-end boards.
Accent Advantage FC Blade SUP Paddle
The feel of the Advantage Grip is soft to the touch and the ovaled design will ensure consistent hand placement on every stroke.
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