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Down River Dish Drying Bag
This drying bag easily attaches to any table with sewn in cam straps. Made with strong and breathable mesh, this bag allows dishes to dry quickly and stay out of the sand.
Down River Drop Bag Xtra Duty
Made with the toughest Xtra Duty Mesh (white) and fastened with DRE loop straps, these bags can securely support the heaviest river gear and stand up to the toughest outfitter use and abuse.
Down River Rocket Box Sling XD
The Down River Rocket Box Sling XD is constructed using our strongest mesh: Xtra Duty (white).  For this sling Down River also integrated their strongest side release metal buckles, allowing for quick in-n-out access.
Down River Crossbar Bag
It's a great bag to store your sand stake, dead blow hammer, extra bowline, you name it. This piece of cargo gear is built to deal with outfitter use and abuse for many years.
Down River Fishing Rod Holder Mounts
Make sure to check your frame pipe size either LD (1.25in) or XD (1.5in). 
Tie Down Eye Strap 2" Pair
2" webbing
Hold down batteries, fuel tanks, ice chests, life rafts, dinghys, etc
Whitewater Designs Pacific River Bag
This design allows the Whitewater Design Pacific River Bag Large to be secured easily and solidly to your raft and frame.
Down River Deluxe Mesh Bag
The added handles and reinforced mesh bottom make this strong bag a great option for loading & unloading boats, staying organized in the kitchen, and always having that handy grab-bag that's ready-for-action.
Whitewater Designs Pacific River Bag Cat - Large
This design allows the Whitewater Design Pacific River Bag Cat Large to be secured easily and solidly to your cataraft and frame. 
Down River Oar Tripod Hangar
An additional feature: it lets you turn your oars into a teepee type structure ideal for supporting rain flies or sun shades and can also be used to suspend water jugs or shower systems.
Down River Duffel Bag
The design of these bags allows your wet gear to dry quickly, eliminating odor and river rot. Perfect for storing straps, sunscreen, helmets, PFD's and more!
Down River Single Cup Holder
Roomy enough for a wide mouth water-bottle, you and your passengers will appreciate the convenience of these Cup Holders. 
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