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Kauai High Angle Paddle.
Lightweight carbon blend shaft offers the perfect balance of strength and shoulder easing flex
Fast and easy Kingpin Paddle Offset Adjustment offers offset increments of 15° from 0 to 90° either left or right hand control
RED Ultimate 3pc Leverlock Paddle
RED's feather-light Ultimate Carbon paddle has a carbon blade, carbon shaft and t-grip handle. The shaft delivers a controlled flex and maximum power transfer whilst fitting ergonomically into the hand. The paddle is perfect for anyone looking for the ult
Blackfish Viento 520 2pc
The all-carbon blade features a unique twin "power pocket" on the blade face which gives the paddle a solid catch and excellent stability during the power phase while maintaining a clean release.
Blackfish Salish 500 Carbon 2 Piece
Originally designed for smaller paddlers the Salish has grown to be a popular shape among paddlers of all sizes.  
Blackfish Salish 500 Carbon Uncut
With its subtle scoop, vertical sides and square shoulders it has a forgiving yet solid catch with more power than you would expect from a blade of this size.
Accent Advantage Carbon
The feel of the Advantage Grip is soft to the touch and the ovaled design will ensure consistent hand placement on every stroke.
Blackfish Andaman 520 3pc Carbon
In designing this blade we tried to capture the benefits of both designs and build a blade that is both lightweight and durable.
Werner Double Diamond Carbon Paddle - Standard/Bent
The Werner Double Diamond Paddle is the ultimate stick for serious play boaters.

It offers the powerful catch and light, buoyant strokes needed to master technical freestyle moves.
Accent Air Paddle
The Accent Air, at 24.5 oz, is the lightest injection molded paddle in the world. The Air is made with a high strength-to-weight ratio carbon shaft and a proprietary resin material in the blades.
Tango Carbon Posi.Lok 2pc
The T-700 carbon shaft is strong, durable and lightweight
Handcrafted, multi laminate carbon blades are long and slender, designed for low-angle, relaxed paddlers
This ultra light instrument allows for a smooth, efficient forward stroke
Accent Advantage FC Blade SUP Paddle
The feel of the Advantage Grip is soft to the touch and the ovaled design will ensure consistent hand placement on every stroke.
Accent Energy Carbon Paddle
With Accent's Advantage Grip technology, paddlers will now be afforded all the benefits of bent shaft technology at an affordable price. The Energy carbon is constructed with a carbon shaft and Accent's proprietary apX polymer blend.
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