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Cleanwaste Wag Bags
The biodegradable bag contains a powder that gels waste, neutralizes odors and starts the decay process.
Down River Dish Drying Bag
This drying bag easily attaches to any table with sewn in cam straps. Made with strong and breathable mesh, this bag allows dishes to dry quickly and stay out of the sand.
5 Gallon HD Solar Shower
Includes convenient front pocket to stash small bottle of soap and velcro lash points to hang a towel or hold the nozzle up. Temperature gauge on the back helps you monitor your water temp while it heats in the sun!
BaroCook Heating Pack
Works with: Barocook Small BC-002 Cafe Mug BC-004
Will provide limited heating for other sizes: Medium (BC-003) & X-Large (BC-007) rectangular; Barocook medium (BC-010) & (BC-005) round
BaroCook Cafe Mug 400ML
This revolutionary technology allows you to heat any beverage or cook your food without fire or power.
BaroCook Flameless Cooking System
No fire, fuel, or electricity required. The heat pack reacts with a small amount of water to heat for up to 30 minutes and stay warm for another 30 minutes
Canyon Prospector Cooler
Its extra length over the classic Outfitter 125 allows it to fit longer game meat quarters or serve as a comfortable seat on your AIRE 125 raft when paired with a seat cushion.
Canyon Nomad Go - Backpack Cooler
Opens wider then our other soft cooler models for even easier loading. The premium cushioned straps and padding keep you happy and the light weight keep you moving at your pace. 
Canyon Scout 22 Cooler
Canyon used the same comfortable, no-slip, adjustable shoulder strap to make carrying this cooler a breeze. Integrated tie-down points and an jungle straps allow you to customize the fit and how you use the cooler.
Mountain Lab Backcountry Chainsaw
This small but tough backcountry pocket chainsaw will get you out of trouble quickly and easily!
GearAid Guyline W Tensioners
Use the four Mini Line Tensioners as cord adjusters to ensure lines stay taught and in place.
GearAid Taut Line Kit
Say goodbye to a sagging clothesline with the Taut Line Kit.
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