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StingRay Hybrid/ Posi-Lok Carbon White
100% Carbon shaft is lightweight to reduce fatigue and joint strain and very durable
Mid-sized, fiberglass reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke.
The Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly
MantaRay Hybrid/ Posi-Lok 2pc
The most durable high-angle blades on the market paired with a patented, corrosion-free, adjustable ferrule.
Tango Bent FG/Posi-Lok Carbon S
Bold colors, lightweight, a natural bent shaft paired with the smoothest forward stroke in paddles
Tango Carbon Posi.Lok 2pc
The T-700 carbon shaft is strong, durable and lightweight
Handcrafted, multi laminate carbon blades are long and slender, designed for low-angle, relaxed paddlers
This ultra light instrument allows for a smooth, efficient forward stroke
Challenge 85 Carbon Black CR Blade SUP 2 PC
At just 21 oz., the Challenge 85 stand-up paddle – with its all-carbon shaft, grip, and ferrule, and its carbon-reinforced epX engineered polymer blade – is ideal for SUP touring. It’s easy on your joints and muscles whatever your adventure.
StingRay Carbon 2 Piece - Posi-Lok
100% Carbon shaft delivers superior performance.
Mid-sized, carbon reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke.
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