Products tagged with block

Harken 18mm Carbo T2 Narrow Fly Rod
Rig your kayak with an anchor system using the Harken Fly Blocks
Tie Boss block and tackle, lift up to 275lbs
Tie Boss block and tackles are designed to make lifting heavy objects easy. Our block and tackle gives you a 3 to 1 mechanical advantage, makes lifting a 5th wheel hitch a one person job.
Canoe Block 4 x 4.5 x 6
The 6" Canoe Foam Block is a great product when a single replacement is required, or, for the "do it yourself" paddler that is creating their own set-up. Sold in singles. Note: Safe canoe transport requires four blocks.
RS - 21" Extra Wide Kayak Block
Transport your kayak or SUP on your roof rack with ease. Block Dimensions: 3.75in H x 4in D x 21in W
Sold as singles
Universal Kayak Block 21"
Replacement blocks for your Universal Kayak Kit.
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