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NRS Icon Belt
Aluminum ladder lock fastener hooks through fitted loop. 1" wide webbing 0.8 oz
E-Merse NeoBelt
Front and rear side windows allow users to operate a phone’s camera right through the case. Removable elastic waist belts allow the case to convert to a shoulder sling pack, with the included foam core shoulder sling.
Red Paddle Quick Release Waist Leash Belt
Easy to use and convert, simply attach any ankle leash cuff to the waist belt using the d-ring and leash string
Quick releasing, for when the water is powerful, and you can’t reach your ankle in a dangerous situation
NSP SUP Waist Belt
A waist leash is recommended for use with the NSP 6″/10″ coiled SUP leashes for SUP racing or the NSP 6″/8″ surf leash for foiling. Easy velcro adjustments to fit your size and a quick release from the frontal buckle clip.
Quick Release Belt
2″ wide rescue belt features a quick release cam buckle and stainless steel tri-glide.

Attachment buckle for most rescue PFD’s.
North Water Quick Release Harness
Our high performance rescue harness is built for PFDs that require an upgrade or lack a quick-release chest harness.
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