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Scotty - 7/8" Round Rail Mount
Scotty Rail Mount #287 adapts your favorite Scotty Rod Holders and accessories to round 7/8" bars typically found on boats.
Thule SquareBar adapter 2-pack
Use these adapters to convert your Thule channel-mount winter or watersport carrier to work with square crossbars. Includes 2 adapters.
Thule SquareBar Adapter 4-pack
4-pack of black around-the-bar adapters. Made for fitting both winter and water sport carriers easily on the top of your vehicle.
Thule Evo SquareBar
Thule SquareBar Evo is a complete roof rack system with classic steel square bars. The square bars are made of corrosion resistant, galvanized steel and are coated in black polymer to provide extra grip for your cargo.
NRS Frame Foot Bar With LoPro's
Attach an NRS Foot Bar to your side rails and give a rower or passenger extra stability to help lock-in when the river gets rowdy.
NRS Frame Angler Seat Bar with LoPro's
Using the included forged Universal Seat Mount, customize your fishing rig with the NRS Angler Seat Bar.
NRS Frame U-Shaped Thigh Bar
Attaches on both sides directly to a seat bar, raised seat bar, or a cross bar using LoPro™ Frame Fittings. The Small fits on frames 54" wide or smaller. The Large fits on frames 60" wide and larger.
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