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K Air II - 15 PSI Inflation Adapter
15 pounds per square inch (psi) air pressure in NRS SUP boards gives you a rock-solid board. Hook the K-Air up to your K-Pump and day dream while you pump away.
Thule XK4 Toyota Xsporter Pro Adapter
The Thule Xsporter Pro adapter is all you need to mount a Thule 500XT Xsporter truck rack on your Toyota Tacoma Pickup. A complete working Xsporter rack includes one 500XT and one set of adapters.
Xadapter 8 - Adapts carriers to Rapid & Xporter Bars
The Thule Xadapter 8 is an adapter kit that makes it possible to connect the Thule carriers to Thule Professional load bars. Thule Xadapter 8 also includes easy to follow instructions.
T-Track Accessory Kit
The Thule XADAPT12 T-Track Accessory Kit mounts the Thule 811 SUP Shuttle and Thule 819 Portage onto the T-track of AeroBlade and Xsporter load bars. Adapter kit includes 4 bolts, 4 barrel nuts and 1 hex wrench and will fit all Thule aluminum bars.
Thule SquareBar Adapter 4-pack
4-pack of black around-the-bar adapters. Made for fitting both winter and water sport carriers easily on the top of your vehicle.
8.3 PNP Pump Ballast Adapter
If you have multiple ballast bags, you'll need to purchase additional adapters for each bag to make them compatible with Ronix's PNP Pump. Adapters include the main pump connector to thread into the bag, and a cap to plug the connector when not in use.
Offset Gears 414
Simply place a gear between the rod holder post and your Scotty Rod Holder, adjusting your desired angle of the rod holder before fastening the bolt tight
Scotty Nylon Track Adapter 340
Made with glass filled nylon
Fits Bert’s, Trax Tech, etc
Includes stainless steel fasteners
Gear-Head Mount
Allows you to secure and re-position your rod holder with just a twist
Use in conjunction with an extender to bring your rod closer to you
LP Regulator Hose Adapter
LP Hose replacement adapters allow you to replace worn or damaged ends if you have a threaded 1/4 NPT hose end.
Thule SquareBar adapter 2-pack
Use these adapters to convert your Thule channel-mount winter or watersport carrier to work with square crossbars. Includes 2 adapters.
LVM Inflator Pump Adapter Kit
The eight adapters fit a wide range of inflatable valves.
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