Din Plug Aluminum
DIN valve sealing plug
Constructed of machined, anodized aluminum
Keeps dust, water and impurities out when valve is not in use
Textured grip surface for easy rotation
Mesh Bag w/ Wire Handle & D-Ring
Galvanized Wire Handle with Locking Clip.
Plastic D-Ring.
X-Large, Green: 24"x 36"
Float-Tube Cover, H.Duty
A dive float has multiple purposes to the recreational diver, spearfisherman, underwater hunters and professional divers.
3 Prong Spearfishing Tip 6 mm
Choice of Flat or Equilateral Trident Speartip with barbed tips for optimal retention of prey. 6mm Standard threads.
Stickon-Optics Mask Magnifier Kit
No longer is a complete prescription mask necessary to read your fish ID card, watch, computer or camera settings.
2" Webbing Black Per Foot
Make your own weight belt with Trident 2" Nylon Webbing.

Can be used for many other applications as well. 
Dive Log 3 Ring Binder - BLK
3 ring zippered dive log holds standard logs. Even more pages for equipment section including date and place purchased, name, address and phone number section.
Slim Line Octopus Holder w/ Snap
Octopus Holder Retainer with Webbing & Clip. Total length: 5" Long. Elastic ring to hold your second stage in place during your dive and pulls out for use.
High impact plastic with a swivel body
Quick Release Stretch Coil Lanyard w/Brass Clip Blue
It’s a snap! This coiled lanyard expands to 36″. (91.4 cm) Simply unhook the Quick-Release Latch with a Squeeze of the fingers and the Coil-is-Released, offering up to 36″ (91.4 cm) of extension during use.
8"x11" Underwater Writing Slate
The Instructor's Choice for GLOW IN THE DARK Underwater Writing Slates!
Glows in the Dark
Comes with Pencil
Tank Banger Signaling Device
Constructed of corrosion resistant plastic
Surgical rubber tubing
Easy installation and use
Slotted unbreakable oval ball provides easy grip.
Trident Spring Straps w/ Quick Release
Ergonomic Design: for ease of use
Double Looped End Springs: for extra safety and strength
Flex Point Cushion Grips: for added comfort and support
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