Octo Holder w/ Velcro
Octo holder, with added feature of the velcro clip attachment which makes connecting to the BC easy. 
3 Prong Spearfishing Tip 6 mm
Choice of Flat or Equilateral Trident Speartip with barbed tips for optimal retention of prey. 6mm Standard threads.
Dive Log 3 Ring Binder - BLK
3 ring zippered dive log holds standard logs. Even more pages for equipment section including date and place purchased, name, address and phone number section.
Slim Line Octopus Holder w/ Snap
Octopus Holder Retainer with Webbing & Clip. Total length: 5" Long. Elastic ring to hold your second stage in place during your dive and pulls out for use.
High impact plastic with a swivel body
Super Graphite Pencil -Refillable
Graphite pencil for underwater writing. Spare or replacement for your dive slate. Includes matching stretchy coil and clip.
Hose Holder with Velco
Trident Air Hose Holder with Velcro keeps hoses close to your body and helps prevent gauge and regulaor damage. 
Soft Bite Mouthpiece
Mouthpiece with Tie Wrap
Aqua Small Soft Bite Silicone Mouthpiece
Durable Silicone Rubber
Fit Most Any Regulator
Soft and Comfortable Feel
Weight Belt, Nylon w/ Buckle
Nylon weight belt with delrin plastic buckle. 
2" x 58"
Weight Belt w/ SS Buckle
Nylon weight belt webbing with stainless steel buckle.
Din Plug Aluminum
DIN valve sealing plug
Constructed of machined, anodized aluminum
Keeps dust, water and impurities out when valve is not in use
Textured grip surface for easy rotation
Weight Belt Buckle, Delrin
Deluxe contoured 3 slot delrin weight belt buckle. 
ELF Lion Fish Spear Sling
This tool was developed by divers concerned with the damage Lionfish do to the reefs but who were also concerned with the damage that alternative Lionfish hunting devices such as traditional spearguns and nets do to the reefs.
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