CLAMP COATED - for XSporter 500XT - Silver
This bed rail clamp will replace a damaged one from your Thule Xsporter ladder rack. Clamp needs 3/8”-16 x 3” screws (NOT included). Includes 1 replacement clamp.
Thule Knob M8
This part replaces 1 hand-operated knob for your Thule Professional Ladder Tilt. The knob fits over a T-bolt and is used to tighten a load stop to the Ladder Tilt arm.
Thule Fit Kit
The fit kit is one of three components required for the full roof rack. You will still need the proper length bars and correct foot pack (can source the required parts by goign to
Thule Rapid Gutter Low Foot Pack
The Thule Rapid Gutter - Low is a rock-solid and simple foot pack for vehicles with rain gutters. Can also be used with Thule's 542 Artificial rain gutter brackets (not included). Thule 300R comes as a pack of four feet.
Thule Super High Gutter Foot Pack
Thule 953 is Thule's tallest rain gutter foot pack designed with 11 inches of extra load bar clearance to accommodate super-high car roofs with rain gutters. This foot pack includes four 953 feet.
Thule Goalpost 997
2 load stops included for extra load stability
Works great with Thule's new Half-Packs for long load stability
Anti-wobble design keeps GoalPost snug in receiver
For 2 Inch receivers only
Thule Lithos Backpack 16L Con/Blk
A modern backpack with secure flap closure built for campus or navigating through town.
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