Radar Butter Knife Slalom Skis
Effortless ups, light line tension and automatic turns make the Butter Knife the easiest ski you’ve ever ridden, ski it between 20-30 MPH.
Radar Tidal LTD Impact Vest
The Tidal vest is ready to cut across the course and match all their 2022 skis. 
Radar Vapor Graphite Ski
The Graphite Vapor features a polyurethane core in the body of a Vapor.
Radar Cameo 3.0 - Women's CGA Life Vest
By utilizing premium materials and thought out cut lines we have created vests that bend and flex with you, resulting in a better experience on the water.
Radar Cloud Water Mat
Radar's floating mat is fully modular and can connect to the Reef and Base Station for a floatila of fun.
When you’re done just deflate it and fold it up for easy storage.
Radar Vapor Knotless 9 Section Mainline - Tournament Colors
Tournament approved and ready for every game of tug of war you throw at it.
Radar Chase Lounge Tube - 3p
The Chase 3 offers endless fun all summer long. With room for three you’ll be laughing with your buddies as you bounce through the wakes and glide on a long whip.
Radar Spray Leg
Spray leg burns, prevent with this cool spray leg!
Radar HRT BOA Boot Rear Aluminum Plate
BOA Lacing System, Wrap Tech Level 2, Carbitex CX6, Feather Frame Chassis, Molded 3D Tongue, Symmetrical Fit
Radar Slalom Rubber Fitted RTP - Aluminum Plate
The Slalom Rubber Fitted Aluminum RTP. Old school cool, our rubber RTP is built for those that know what they want. A flat foam footbed wrapped with full rubber, tight and simple.
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