Paddlers Supply

Skwoosh - Fishing Seat Cushion
This fishing chair pad comes with an attached elastic safety cord that slips around the back uprights so it remains in your boat whether you’re standing to reel in that big catch or spotting fish.
Skwoosh - Dragon Boat AGP Pad
The AGP has Fluidized Gel Pads welded in the spot where your “sitz bones” put the most pressure while sitting. For many paddlers they will find that this may help alleviate problems from a long days spent in the seat.
Skwoosh - Paddling Cushion
The SKWOOSH™ Paddling Cushion uses medically proven pressure relieving gel technology to make paddling more comfortable. Cradling “sitz” bones in a SKWOOSH™ cushion helps eliminate numbness in the rear and the legs. Paddle longer with SKWOOSH™!
Skwoosh - X-Treme Kayak Cushion
The SKWOOSH™ X-TREME kayak seat gel cushion uses medically proven gel pressure relieving technology to make paddling more comfortable – longer.
UST-Jetscream Whistle
The JetScream Floating Whistle is one of the loudest of its kind. At 122dB, it can be heard over most natural and man-made noises.
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