New Short Halkey-Roberts Valve
The Halkey-Roberts New Short Valve is a reliable inflate/deflate valve that is easily maintained.
The New Short is the most recent of the Halkey-Roberts boat valves.
Note: The outer portion of this valve will not screw into the inner portion of the disc
Halkey-Roberts Metal Valve Wrench
This heavy-duty aluminum Halkey-Roberts Valve Wrench provides easy and reliable removal and installation of Halkey-Roberts inflatable boat valves.
Aluminum construction is extremely durable and doesn't rust, so this wrench won't break or wear out.
If yo
2" Vinyl Hose for Valve Fill Adapters
2" long piece of vinyl hose for connecting valve fill adapters to your pump. 5/8" inside diameter fits on Leafield, Halkey-Roberts and Summit valve adapters
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