Gear Aid

GearAid Silicone Grease 1/4 oz.
Protect and condition O-rings, valve systems and regulator components on all dive gear with quality food grade (non-edible) silicone grease.
OP Drops Anti-Fog and Lens Cleaner
This dual-action, concentrated formula is gentle and alcohol-free. It is designed to keep dry lenses and optics clean and fog-free for hours.
Revivex Odor Eliminator - 2 oz
Previously known as Mirazyme, this powerful and natural formula utilizes water-activated microbes to help remove pesky smells.
Microfiber Quickdry Towel
 It absorbs five times its weight in water and dries quickly. It also features a silver ion treatment that prevents odors and comes with a mesh storage bag.
Gruntline Multi Function Cord
When you need a single piece of gear that serves hundreds of uses, turn to the Gruntline multifunctional elastic cord by McNett® Tactical.
GoPro Mount Adapter
The GoPro Mount Adapter allows you to easily attach your GEAR AID LED lights and most digital cameras to any GoPro mount, allowing you to mount your gear on a variety of surfaces and in different settings.
GearAid Anti Fog Spray
This 2-in-1 formula is alcohol-free and designed to prevent fogging on dry lenses and optics including non-AR (anti-reflective) eyeglasses, sunglasses, swim goggles, and face shields.
Sea Buff - Dive Mask & Swim Goggle Cleaner (1 1/4 fl. oz.)
Sea Buff’s concentrated and quick-clean formula removes the silicone residue on new glass dive mask lenses.
Aquaseal Contact Cement
It bonds permanently to neoprene and other coated materials, and cures to an elastic rubber that stretches and bends with fabrics.
GearAid Guyline W Tensioners
Use the four Mini Line Tensioners as cord adjusters to ensure lines stay taught and in place.
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