Cannon Paddles

Cannon Wave FX Fishing Paddle - Slider 240-260
The Wave Fishing Slider features an aggressive dihedral angle for easier pull through the water. The blade is made of a durable fiberglass nylon.
Cannon Booster Kids SUP
For parents who want to keep their kids on the water longer. We designed the booster with 3 areas in mind: Weight, Durability and Ease of Use. The Booster comes in at 2lbs which won’t have your child complaining about the paddle being too heavy. The blade
Cannon 8 Straight Canoe Paddle
This paddle features a tapered aluminum insert into the blade to offer over the top strength with exceptional control.
Cannon Fishing Ultimate Angler
The Ultimate Angler is built with a high strength to weight carbon smooth shaft. Its carbon reinforced nylon blades are durable yet lightweight
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