StingRay 2pc Aluminum 230cm
Most aluminum kayak paddles wobble and flutter. This one does not. American-made quality and resilience.
StingRay Carbon 2pc 220cm
Carbon from tip to tip, the Sting Ray Carbon offers a carbon shaft and carbon blade, without the typical “carbon” price point.
Lyric White FG Proprietary Carbon SUP Shaft 4pc
A 100% carbon shaft with a 10° bend makes the Lyric both lightweight and strong, and gives each stroke a slight amount of flex for very comfortable performance.
Challenge 85 Carbon Black CR Blade/Carbon SUP 2 PC
At just 21 oz., the Challenge 85 stand-up paddle – with its all-carbon shaft, grip, and ferrule, and its carbon-reinforced epX engineered polymer blade – is ideal for SUP touring. It’s easy on your joints and muscles whatever your adventure.
Tango Fiberglass Blade/Carbon Shaft Posi-Lok Paddle
A paddle with a light swing, yet strong and durable.
Spark 2pc Stand-Up Paddle
This entry-level paddle has a strong, bright green epX engineered polymer blade and an aluminum shaft to help beginners get a feel for this sport.
Sting Ray Kayak Paddle
The Sting Ray Hybrid is the lightest injection molded kayak paddle available at its price point. With its mid-sized blades built of exclusive Aqua-Bound abXII resin reinforced with fiberglass and its all-carbon shaft, this paddle reduces fatigue and joint
Manta ray 2 Piece Posi-Lock 250 Hybrid
High-angle horsepower for more control and heavily loaded boats with the industry's best ferrule.
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