Oar Accessories

Plastic Oar Stopper
If you are not using oar rights, plastic stoppers will position and keep your oars where you want them to be. Use large stoppers with Molded Oar Sleeves.
Aire Spare Oar Keeper
The Aire Spare Oar Keeper will secure your spare oar to any frame and is easily released via the 1.5 side release buckle"
Aire Oar Tether
Keep a short leash on your Oars with Aire's Oar tethers.
NRS Oar Tethers
An unexpected loss of an oar can ruin your whole day. The Oar Tether gives you a fighting chance to get that oar back in place in time to avert disaster. There's a stainless steel ring on one end and a webbing loop on the other end of the Tether.
Seadog Clamp On Zinc Plated Oar Locks - Pair
Seadog Clamp On Zinc Plated Oar Locks - Used for all kinds of Boats Row boats, Light Duty Rafts and more.
Oar Right - Single
The spline of the Oar Right fits between the horns of an open oarlock to "lock" your oar blade in position for the most effective stroke. You can still feather the oar blade by simply tugging the oar in so the spline of the Oar Right clears the oarlock ho
Oarlock Stainless Springs
The Oarlock Stainless Springs anchor your oarlocks solidly in the oar mounts for smooth, rattle-free rowing. Comes as a pair and includes washers.
Molded Oar Sleeve
Oar Sleeves protect the shafts of your oars from abrasion and fit nicely in open oar locks. They clamp securely to the oar shaft with a threaded bolt and nut.
NRS Superston Open Oarlock
Our proprietary manganese bronze Superston alloy gives you amazing strength and outstanding rebound memory. Built tough for the toughest jobs, they are used by outfitters the world over. The 3 1/2" long shaft is precision turned to a 5/8" diameter and is
NRS Frame Oar Mount
The NRS Frame Oar Mounts comes stock on many of our raft and cataraft frames. Now in high-tech hot-forged aluminum for a stronger, lighter, sleeker mount.
Rubber Oar Stopper Single 1 5/8"
The 1" thick rubber stopper goes right over the oar shaft, not over the Molded Oar Sleeve. The 1 5/8" inner diameter is a tight fit on the shaft. Use either soap and water or hair spray to lubricate the stopper and shaft to slide it on. As it dries, hair
Scotty Plastic Oar Sleeve / Collar
Scotty 1 3/4 Plastic Oar Collar / Sleeve
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