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Predator Shiznit Helmet
The Shiznit can be worn with the visor front or back. When compared to helmets with longer visors, the Shiznit 1-1/2”(4cm) visor provides sun protection and improved safety by reducing bucketing and roll back. The shell is made of high impact, Ralvek® the
Predator MX Kayak
The Predator MX the perfect platform for fishing and on-water sporting.
Predator 13 Angler Kayak
If your looking to stand up fish from look no further. The Predator 13 was completely engineered – below and above the waterline – to deliver the perfect platform for fishing and on-water sporting. This kayak is efficient, stable and full of accessories!
Old Town - Predator PDL Kayak
The Predator PDL is the the most efficient Pedal drive kayak of its kind. with more than enough stability to move around while standing and casting away.
Mounting Accessory Plates
The Old Town Predator’s accessory mounting system consists of strategically placed high-strength polyethylene plates, this means no more drilling into your boat hull.
Predator Pedal Delux Control Knob
Improved rudder control knob featuring a trucker-style spinning handle for easier turning and a screw-lock feature to quickly secure your rudder in place.
Predator Pedal Floor Console
Old Town Predator PDL floor Console/Plug allows you to take out the PDL drive unit and plug the hole making a flat floor.
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