Old Town Next Solo Canoe
The NEXT represents the future of Solo paddling. Built for one, Designed for all.
Hellman Drop in Canoe Seat
Hellman Drop In Canoe Seat is the perfect add-on center seat for a growing family.
Hellman Slocan Canoe - Duralite
The Slocan is the perfect river tripping canoe.
Hellman Prospector - Kevlar
The Prospector is ideally suited for extended expeditions or Sunday afternoon family outings.
Discovery Canoe 158
Old Town Discovery 158 Canoe
Agile, stable and easy to handle, the Discovery 158 is a nice choice for the outdoor enthusiast
Penobscot 164 Canoe
Named after the Native Americans that inhabited Old Town, Maine, since before recorded history – and from whom we’ve gained immeasurable boat-building knowledge – the Penobscot pays homage to their superb craftsmanship, design and navigational skills. 
Esquif Prospecteur 16 TH
The rugged T-Formex hull is great for those who enjoy paddling whitewater or who just want a super tough canoe for everyday usage. Stability, easy tracking, and good maneuverability in rapids are what makes this canoe such a classic.
Hellman Kootenay Canoe - Duralite
The Kootenay is a versatile recreational boat. It has great load capacity for a 16’ 6” canoe and moves quickly and efficiently. The flared ends help it to stay dry in the largest waves and moderate rapids.
Esquif Mallard XL - Camo
Let the Mallard XL be your guide on your next hunting or fishing trip.   The T-Formex material, vinyl gunwales and comfortable webbed seats are the perfect blend of performance, durability with lightness. Paddle on lakes, rocky rivers and salt marshes wit
Esquif Adirondack Canoe - Tan
Designed like the traditional Adirondack pack canoes this boat is a great choice for those looking for a lightweight solo canoe that is small and lightweight, but still offers great performance and durability.
Hellman Slocan Canoe - Kevlar
The Slocan is the perfect river tripping canoe.
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