Products tagged with Piece

Blackfish Nootka 520 3 Piece Adjustable SUP Paddle
This blade is Blackfish's best selling classic teardrop shape. The dihedral allows for clean water entry, a stable catch phase and a clean exit.
Daytripper 2 Piece Paddle
Asymmetric blades of polypropylene shaped for smooth, efficient strokes.
Cascadia - 3-pc Aluminum Paddle
An industry standard for stand-up paddling; this reinforced-aluminum paddle is designed to accommodate your height and riding conditions, while the foam-filled upper shaft won’t let the paddle sink to the bottom of the sea.
SeaCure Custom Mouth Piece
SeaCure is a unique, moldable mouthpiece designed to precisely fit the individual diver’s mouth, teeth, gums, and jaw configuration to provide maximum support of a regulator and, thus, eliminate jaw fatigue.
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