Rec & Tour Kayak Paddles

Mid Swift, 2-pc Tour Paddles - Graphic Inlay
The Mid Swift is the most popular paddle from Eddyline delivering platy of pull and control in varied and changeable conditions. For those seeking something extra special, you can customize your paddle with graphic-inlaid blades.
StingRay Hybrid/ Posi-Lok Carbon White
100% Carbon shaft is lightweight to reduce fatigue and joint strain and very durable
Mid-sized, fiberglass reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke.
The Posi-Lok® ferrule system which clicks into position firmly
StingRay 2pc Fiberglass - Snap button
Fiberglass shaft is lightweight and warm on the hands
Mid-sized, fiberglass-reinforced blades allow for a smooth, flutter free forward stroke
Snug fitting, snap-button ferrule allows for multiple feather angles
Accent Crank Bait Paddle
Advantage Grip Technology
Foam core blade technology
ABS rail reinforcement
Carbon shaft
Accent Pace Advantage
Advantage Grip Technology
Hybrid foam core construction
ABS edge reinforcement
Mid-size low angle blade
Kingpin connection system
Accent Pro Core Pace Advantage
The Pro Core Pace represents our most advanced design features delivering exceptional performance. The Pro Core Pace features solid foam core construction promoting a buoyant feel on the water.
Explorer Plus W/ Glassed Blade
The Explorer Plus is a long-time favorite, known for beat-me-up durability, for both wilderness tripping and flatwater paddling.
Angler classic Telescoping
The best-selling kayak fishing paddle on the market with high-performance features and 15cm of adjustable length.
MantaRay Hybrid/ Posi-Lok 2pc
The most durable high-angle blades on the market paired with a patented, corrosion-free, adjustable ferrule.
Werner Sherpa Paddle Small/Straight
30 degree blade offset balances solid bracing with reduced wind resistance. Premium fiberglass blade provides lightweight responsiveness and durability. The Sherpa's mid-size blades are great for all around river running.
Werner Double Diamond Carbon Paddle - Standard/Bent
The Werner Double Diamond Paddle is the ultimate stick for serious play boaters.

It offers the powerful catch and light, buoyant strokes needed to master technical freestyle moves.
Tango Bent FG/Posi-Lok Carbon S
Bold colors, lightweight, a natural bent shaft paired with the smoothest forward stroke in paddles
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