Trolling Motor / Electric SUP Pump Quick Connector

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Power up your trolling motor or Electric SUP Pump the easy way with dedicated connectors.

Trolling Motor - Flush-mount "boat side" connectors can be located in a convenient location adjacent to the trolling motor. Battery power and ground cables can then be connected to the back side of the connector, behind a bulkhead, out of the weather.

Electric SUp Pump - Flush-mount can be mounted in a convenient location whether in your trunk, truck box, on a boy panel, bumper or under the hood. This set up will allow for a more direct connection rather than alligator clamps or 12 v interior accessory outlets which generally have very thin wires which limit the performance of your pump.

Wire the "motor side" connector to the motor and you are ready to go. 

NOTE: "Boat side" and "Motor side" connectors are sold separately.

Key Features

  • Battery cable sold separately
  • Includes two 6", 8-gauge leads and butt connectors
  • For 12-volt systems


These are sold separately, both items are needed to complete the connection.

Socket= Male V-Groove (refers to the electrical contacts not the shape of housing)

Plug= Female V Groove (refers to the electrical contacts not the shape of housing)




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