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Mid Swift, 2-pc Tour Paddles - Graphic Inlay
The Mid Swift is the most popular paddle from Eddyline delivering platy of pull and control in varied and changeable conditions. For those seeking something extra special, you can customize your paddle with graphic-inlaid blades.
Cascadia - 3-pc Aluminum Paddle
An industry standard for stand-up paddling; this reinforced-aluminum paddle is designed to accommodate your height and riding conditions, while the foam-filled upper shaft won’t let the paddle sink to the bottom of the sea.
Blu Wave - 3 Pc Paddle Travel Case
Keep your 3 piece paddle safe and secure in this easy transport bag. 
Wind Swift, 2-pc Touring Paddles - Parrot Sunset Graphic
The Wind Swift combines Aleut features with some more modern European concepts to create a paddle that is excellent in high winds and still delivers a healthy amount of paddle power for all but the most demanding conditions.
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